King Carl Gustaf of Sweden will turn 75 later this month and he just gave a new interview with Värvet looking back on his life.

On the podcast, the Swedish king also reflected on the death of Prince Philip. The European royals have been mourning Queen Elizabeth II's husband. Here's how King Carl Gustaf remembered the Duke of Edinburgh.

King Carl Gustaf fondly remembers Prince Philip

King Carl Gustaf spoke in the interview about Prince Philip's funeral (translated from Swedish): "It was a very soulful and beautiful funeral. Different, of course. I would have loved to have attended the funeral." The king added that he'd even hoped to see Prince Philip again before his death, but the meeting sadly fell through.

Even if there was no final meeting, the Swedish royal found touching words for his friend and distant relative: "He was a wonderful person, so warm-hearted and very humorous, always with a twist." As a teenager, Carl Gustaf met Philip for the first time, and many more gatherings were to follow.

Prince Philip 

Carl Gustaf also shared a very special memory: With Prince Philip, Prince Charles, and Princess Anne, the Swedish king took part in a boat trip, word of which quickly got around to the people. Countless spectators gathered to watch, leading Prince Philip to remark: "Now I know what it feels like to be a butterfly in a museum."

"I have always fondly remembered this story," said King Carl Gustaf, and he is sure that Prince Philip would still laugh at this experience today. Incidentally, the king thinks that Philip living to be nearly 100 years old is "fantastic." For himself, the Swedish monarch will turn 75 years old on April 30.

You can see here how Europe's royal families first reacted to the death of Prince Philip back on April 9.

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