Colin Tebbutt spoke out

Lady Diana's Driver Breaks His Silence About The Accident

Lady Diana

Lady Diana, her then-partner, and the driver died 23 years ago in a tragic car accident in Paris. In an interview, Diana's then driver, who was not behind the wheel in the accident, broke his silence.

August 31 is the anniversary of Lady Diana's (†36) death. The princess of hearts died over 20 years ago in a dramatic car accident in Paris. To this day, her death affects people all over the world, and also her sons Prince Harry (36) and Prince William (38) spoke for the first time years ago in public about their grave loss.

Shortly before Diana's 20th anniversary of her death, her driver Colin Tebbutt, who was not behind the wheel on the momentous day, broke his silence.

Lady Diana's Driver: He will blame himself for the rest of his life

On Good Morning Britain in 2017, Diana's former driver gave his first live interview and talked about the fatal accident and his relationship with Lady Di. 

"Yes, you always do [feel responsible]," said Tebbutt, trying to hold back his tears when the moderators asked him if he was blaming himself. He admits that his life will be blamed for not driving Lady Diana that day.

Princess Diana in 1993

After the fatal accident, Tebbutt immediately traveled to the Paris hospital where Diana had been taken, "I was taken to help. I went to the hospital and arrived and there was lots of people about," Tebbutt said on the program. Lady Di's driver at the time, Henri Paul, died at the scene of the accident. "It was very difficult and emotional to see someone laying on a bed, not a mortuary. I could see people standing on a roof. That worried me because there were no curtains, so I got some blankets along the windows which made it hotter in the room," he continued. 

Lady Diana had a good relationship with her driver

Colin Tebbutt has only good things to say about Lady Di: "You speak to her when you are spoken to, which was correct. She was still very much a royal. We were often together in the car and she had a tremendous sense of humour. I never had a cross word in two years," he explained.