Martin Bashir QUITS BBC Ahead Of Princess Diana Report Release

Martin Bashir QUITS BBC Ahead Of Princess Diana Report Release
May 19, 2021 - 11:55 / Anna Valenzuela Rosas

Martin Bashir, who has long avoided repercussion for his puppetmaster role in the controversial Princess Diana interview has officially stepped down from his post. The investigation into his 1995 actions is to be released soon.

25 years later, Martin Bashir is stepping down as head religion editor at the BBC. The controversial journalist may be avoiding backlash for what is to be exposed in the Princess Diana Panorama interview investigation. 

Martin Bashir Quits BBC Before Princess Diana Report Released

It wasn't until Princess Diana's brother Charles Spencer demanded an inquiry into Martin's behavior back in 1995 that an investigation was properly put into effect. Charles Spencer is supported by his nephew Prince William who has also demanded an apology for the alleged manipulations of the late beloved Princess. 

Now that the investigative report will be released soon, Martin Bashir is separating himself from the BBC. In a staff email acquired by The Guardian, the deputy director of news at the BBC, Jonathan Munro, has announced that Martin has quit his post. 

Martin Bashir at the 'Veep' premiere in 2012.

The email states, "Martin Bashir has stepped down from his position as the BBC's religion editor and is leaving the corporation. He let us know of his decision last month, just before being readmitted to hospital for another surgical procedure on his heart. Although he underwent major surgery toward the end of last year, he is facing some ongoing issues and has decided to focus on his health."

When Charles Spencer first demanded the investigation and apology, Martin stepped away from the public eye and the BBC claimed he was having heart issues but the Daily Mail captured images of him purchasing party supplies such as snacks and whisky. While he may be facing serious health issues, the public and Diana's family are still demanding answers and for the appropriate parties to be held accountable. 

Martin Bashir's Alleged Forged Documents To "Trick" Princess Diana

In the published letter from Charles Spencer, he rejected the BBC's previous "palpably untrue" apology that first claimed there was no manipulation that took place to acquire the "interview of the decade" in 1995. Charles explained how he was approached by Bashir with documents that he now knows were forged.

Princess Diana and Martin Bashir during the 1995 interview.

The former BBC graphic designer Matt Wiessler came forward and told The Guardian that he was asked on short notice by Bashir to create fake bank statements without knowing what they would be used for. Some of the documents forged were bank statements showing the Crown giving secret payments to Diana's personal staff and an "abortion receipt" for her son's nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke and Prince Charles' love child

Charles wrote to the BBC director Tim Davie saying, "If it were not for me seeing these statements, I would not have introduced Bashir to my sister. Your piecemeal apology seems to be a way for you merely to say that you've apologised to me, rather than acceptance of the full gravity of this situation."

The BBC later backtracked and released a statement saying "the suggestion of criminal activity is a serious allegation, but in these circumstances, a risible one." It was then announced that at Charles Spencer's behest, an investigation headed by the former judge, barrister, and Justice of the Supreme Court Lord Dyson is doing a thorough investigation. 

Prince William himself addressed this very investigation saying "it is a step in the right direction." Charles Spencer told People, that the BBC "have yet to apologize for what truly matters here: the incredibly serious falsification of bank statements suggesting that Diana's closest confidants were spying on her for her enemies."

The investigation was launched back in November and is set to be released soon and Panorama was prepping a special programme about the investigation to air simultaneously. Tim Davie reportedly pulled the plug on the TV expose much to the chagrin of Charles Spencer who made a scathing Tweet in response.

We will have to hold our breath to wait and see what the investigation uncovered. 

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