Princess Charlène's (43) brother Gareth Wittstock is only one of three siblings. The Princess of Monaco is the oldest of the three children - Gareth and Sean are younger. Her brother Gareth in particular can often be seen with her out and about.  

This was shown, for example, in pictures from 2018. Gareth Wittstock stepped on the red carpet with his sister Princess Charlène of Monaco to support the Princess Charlène of Monaco Foundation.  

He was also a guest at the christening of the twins, Jacques and Gabriella - he is the godfather to his niece Gabriella. 

Princess Charléne of Monaco and Prince Albert at the introduction of their twins (left: Charléne's brother Gareth Wittstock)

Princess Charlène's brother is at home in Monaco 

Princess Charlène's brother Gareth married his long-time friend Roisin Gavin in 2015, with whom he has a daughter, Kaia-Rose. Gareth Wittstock also lives in Monaco with his family.  

The siblings are not only close privately but also professionally. Gareth Wittstock works for his sister's foundation.  

Reportedly Gareth Wittstock only has positive things to say about his brother-in-law, Prince Albert, according to Hello.

Princess Charléne of Monaco with her younger brother Gareth Wittstock (2010)

Princess Charlène's brother Sean Wittstock

Princess Charlène's other brother is also close to her. However, Sean Wittstock lives with his wife in the original home of the family - South Africa. As a result, the siblings are separated by a far greater distance.  

Currently, the family has to stick together more than ever. As it has been confirmed that Princess Charlène is in the hospital. After she had to undergo several operations, Monaco's royal lady is still struggling to regain full health.