• How tall is Duchess Kate? Meghan? Harry?
  • We'll tell you how tall all the Royals are

As a married and divorced American, Duchess Meghan is already noticeable in the Royal Family. But her size is also something that sets her apart from most of the British royals.

Duchess Meghan is one of the shortest royals

Although Meghan's height of 1.71m (5-ft-6) is above the British and American average, she is on the shorter side in the Royal Family. Even for those who marry into British royalty, impressive height is surprisingly common.

Also interesting:

Duchess Kate tops Meghan with her 1.75m (5-ft-7) height, and Princess Diana was also a proud 1.78m (5-ft-8) tall. At 1.73m, Duchess Camilla is ever-so-slightly taller than Meghan.

If Queen Elizabeth II looks a little small among her relatives, that's because she is shorter in stature. Her height is reported to range between 1.61 and 1.63m (5-ft-1 and 5-ft-4).

As for the royal men, Prince Charles measures 1.78m (5-ft-9). His sons come in tall, with Prince Harry at 1.86m (6-ft-2) and Prince William at 1.91m (6-ft-3).

So, of the most popular British royals, the Queen is the shortest and her grandson Prince William stands just above his brother Harry.

Tall family!