Meghan and Harry have been back in Canada for the past week in isolation with Archie after carrying out their final round of official royal engagements in the UK. Since March 31 (the end of their senior working members of the royal family days), is quickly approaching, it has been revealed that Meghan is no longer listed as a "Royal" on the Smart Works Charity website.

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Meghan not listed as "royal" on Smart Works Charity website

Meghan is still a patron of the charity, however her title on the website formerly read: "Our royal patron, HRH The Duchess of Sussex" and now, it reads simply: "The Duchess of Sussex" and she is just referred to as "Our patron." 

Meghan Markle attends the Mountbatten Music Festival in March 2020 with her husband Prince Harry

The Duchess of Sussex has been a strong voice for Smart Works, which is a U.K.-based charity, that seeks to help women of all social and economic backgrounds find employment through job interview training and free professional clothing and attire. She even curated a clothing line with one of her fashion-design friends.

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Harry and Meghan: Stepping Back from the Royal Family

This change is just one of the many changes to come for Harry and Meghan as they continue to make their transition into a more "normal" life where they can raise Archie more privately. Their HRH titles were stripped a few weeks back already and now the couple seems to be working hard on pursuing other endeavours including to continue to support causes concerning veterans, the military and mental health of course.