Duchess Meghan often keeps her private life out of the public eye, but following her revealing interview with husband Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey, she has talked to an American television host once again! This time, Meghan was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she showed her relaxed side.

Duchess Meghan shares cute new photo of Archie

Duchess Meghan chatted casually with host Ellen DeGeneres about all sorts of topics, including her family. Quite unexpectedly, Meghan showed a rare new photo of her son Archie! In the picture, the little one can be seen by the chicken coop in the Sussex family's garden in Montecito, California.

From behind, Archie is shown in jeans and yellow rubber boots feeding the chicken. What is especially cute is that he has red hair, just like his dad! "Archie is just such a gentle soul," DeGeneres — who lives in the same neighbourhood as Harry and Meghan — revealed. Meghan thanked her very proudly, smiling at the compliment.


Duchess Meghan shares funny childhood anecdotes

Duchess Meghan also showed her humorous side on the show, participating in a hilarious street prank with DeGeneres, and talked about things from her younger days. She shared that as a 9-year-old, she sold hair ties at school that she made from scraps of cloth, and as a teenager, she wanted to look like Andie MacDowell in the film Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Wearing black pants, a white blouse with eye-catching sleeves, and her hair in loose waves, Meghan looked more exuberant than she had in a long time. The royal was practically beaming as she spoke to DeGeneres. Hopefully we'll see more of Meghan like this in the future, as living in California seems to bring out a beautiful side of her!