Like father like son...

Meghan Markle's Brother Thomas Jr. Joins Cast Of 'Big Brother VIP'

Meghan Markle's Brother Thomas Jr. Joins Cast Of Big Brother VIP

Samantha Markle and Thomas Markle Sr. are not the only Markle's profiting off of Duchess Meghan's name. Now her brother is getting as much screen time as he can!

The Markle half of Meghan's family has been spending a lot of time talking to the media, giving interviews, writing books, and even boxing to ride the fame wave behind Meghan. Curiously, her mother's (Doria Ragland) side of the family has remained silent and respectful. 

Now it seems another Markle is looking to cash in on his sister's fame.

Thomas Markle Jr. Joins Big Brother Cast

Meghan Markle's brother has been trying to break into the public eye since his sister first joined the royal family. He has been attempting to build up an amateur boxing career under the name Thomas "The Duke" Markle Jr. 

Now the Dailymail has reported that Thomas has just joined the Big Brother VIP cast! He has arrived in Australia to quarantine for 14 days before filming begins. The 54-year-old will be joining the show with Caitlyn Jenner, who is currently running for Governor of California and will allegedly be paid a whopping $500,000 to appear on the show.

Thomas "The Duke" Markle Jr. on  June 8, 2019.

According to News AU, Thomas was selected to join after far-right presenter Katie Price was cut from the show and deported from Australia for her behavior during quarantine. 

Who is Thomas Markle Jr.?

Thomas Markle lives in Grant's Pass, Oregon where he works as a window fitter and pursues a boxing career. He also has a bit of a checkered past, once getting arrested in 2017 after a drunken argument for allegedly holding a gun up this girlfriend's head in Oregon. His now fiancé Darlene Blount herself has also been arrested for domestic violence against him, again after a drunken disagreement.

Before his half-sisters May 2018 wedding to Prince Harry, Thomas and his sister Samantha Markle had been speaking to British tabloids quite a bit. He even wrote a public letter to his sister demanding she cancel her wedding and calling it a "fake fairy tale." He was then quite surprised when he was not invited to the royal wedding and said he simply wrote the letter in a "moment of madness."

Thomas "The Duke" Markle Jr. on  June 8, 2019.

He told The Mirror that his sister is "the best thing to happen to the royals" and that he was crushed to not be invited to the wedding. He said, "I'm not bitter, just baffled. It's hurtful given how close we once were. I'm confused and a little distraught because here is a person knowing the position she's in and knowing the scrutiny she's under and yet she has forgotten her flesh and blood."

He has not seen his royal sister since 2011 but like his sister Samantha, claims to know all the intimate details of her life and wildly speculates about her relationship with Prince Harry.