Mike Tindall had to "save the day" when fans got violent at the Euro 2020 final.

Mike and his wife Zara Tindall attended the big match this past weekend, which England ultimately dropped to Italy. And, at one point, the former rugby star had to stop a fight in the crowd!

Mike Tindall broke up fight at Euro 2020 final with Zara

A witness to the incident told The Sun: "Tensions had got a bit heated near to where Zara and Mike were sitting because it had got quite crowded.

"Two fans ended up in a punch-up and Mike had to step in to save the day." Mike, the burly 6-foot-2 athlete, apparently "stood between them and pulled them apart before stewards could get them under control."

But that wasn't all. The fight drew blood, which forced Zara to "mop it up" using a tissue. "It was absolute mayhem," the source told the UK Sun.

Royals watched England lose Euro 2020 final to Italy

Clearly, emotions ran high during the nail-biting match. Unfortunately for the Tindalls and other British royals in attendance, England lost 3-2 in a penalty shootout after a 1-1 tie in regulation.

Mike Tindall stopped "heated" fight by Zara at Euro 2020 final.

Prince William, Duchess Kate, and Prince George were also among the notable fans attending the final. The young prince was seen cheering passionately for the team.

The Duke of Cambridge has also been forced to speak out against the disgraceful racist attacks on England's Black players following the heartbreaking defeat.

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