Although Princess Gabriella (3) and Prince Jacques (3) are said to be quite different, they always show in private snapshots how intimate their relationship is.
In the new photos of their first day of school, which their mother Princess Charlène of Monaco (40) has shared with the public, the two look simply delightful. Charlene captioned the pictures "First day of school".

Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques are inseparable

Dressed up and with mini school crowns on their backs, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques seemed to be eager to start the new phase of their lives. Self-confident and close together, they walked into the building of their preschool.

It's not the first sweet performance of Jacques and Gabriella together this year, and thanks to Charlène's Instagram account we get to see cute first-hand photos of it. Among other things, the Princess recently also posted how her children snuggled up with a penguin.

It becomes clear how close Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella are to each other. Now the two Royal children take the next big step together as they start school. 

Royals come to school at a very young age

To start school at the age of three may seem strange to one or the other. In fact, it's quite normal with the royals. Briton's Prince George (5), for example, was only four years old when he came to Thomas's Battersea School in September 2017.