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Monaco Twins Pose In New Family Portrait For A Good Cause

Monaco Twins: New 2021 Family Portrait
January 20, 2021 - 17:35 / Lucas Anderson

The Monaco Royals, Prince Albert, Princess Charlène and their twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, have just published a new family portrait. The cute 2021 picture of the family is also going toward a good cause. Read on to see it for yourself!

Monaco's Royals have released a new family portrait. Prince Albert II poses on it together with Princess Charlène and the 6-year-old twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella. 

2021 portrait: Monaco twins pose with Prince Albert & Charlène

The picture was published on the Royal Family's official Facebook page. It shows Charlène seated while her family gathers around her. Prince Albert and Prince Jaques both wear blue suits with light blue ties. Charlène and Princess Gabrielle pose for the camera in bright dresses.

La nouvelle photo officielle de LL.AA.SS. le Prince Albert II et la Princesse Charlène avec Leurs enfants le Prince...

Gepostet von Palais Princier de Monaco - Prince's Palace of Monaco am Mittwoch, 20. Januar 2021

New family picture of the Monaco Royals is for a good cause

The Prince's Palace of Monaco writes of the portrait: "The new official photo of LL. AAAA. Ss. Ss. Prince Albert II and Princess Charlène with Their Children Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella will be available from Wednesday, January 20, 2021" in souvenir shops.

The proceeds from portrait sales will be donated to humanitarian works of the Principality, according to the Palace.

Princess Charlène especially loves to take snapshots of her family and to share them on social media. She's also known for her striking fashion moments, such as when she stunned in a daring sequin gown at a gala in 2020.