The British Royal Family has a longstanding tradition for its boys when they turn 8 years old: boarding school.

It was the case for Prince George's father Prince William and his uncle Prince Harry, as well as with the older generation of Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. They all attended boarding school.

Prince George's 8th birthday: Will he attend boarding school?

If Prince William and Duchess Kate follow this tradition, their soon-to-be 8-year-old son is facing a big change. Currently, Prince George attends Thomas's Battersea school, which is near his family's home at Kensington Palace.

Prince George is celebrating his seventh birthday

If George goes to boarding school, he will likely be at a distance from his parents and two siblings Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. It would be a serious change for the young prince.

Prince William and Duchess Kate: Already looking for a school?

The rumour mill is even heating up: Daily Mail reported that Duchess Kate and Prince William are looking at potential schools in the British county. A boarding school in Berkshire, where Prince William himself attended, would be an hour's drive away.

However, the question of changing schools is not new. As early as 2020, there was much discussion in the family about the young prince's future at school. He may also need specific education as a future king.

So far, however, no move or change of school has been confirmed. So it remains to be seen how the royal parents will choose to educate their eldest son.

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