Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich debuted today on Netflix, and the docuseries paints a troubling portrait of Prince Andrew.

In the film, Virginia Roberts, a survivor of Jeffrey Epstein's child sex trafficking ring, gets specific about her encounters with Andrew.

The Duke of York has denied all allegations and received the support of the royal family ever since word of his connections to Epstein got out. Roberts, however, alleges to have a clear memory of meeting and being sexually abused by the prince.


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Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein allegations revealed in Netflix's Filthy Rich

As Daily Mail reports, in Filthy Rich, Virginia Roberts tells a disturbing story about Prince Andrew discussing her age with Epstein's associate Ghislaine Maxwell. 

"Ghislaine has this favourite guessing game that she does, she goes to Prince Andrew 'how old do you think Virginia is?' And he said 17," Roberts recalled.

"She's like, 'Oh you're right!' They made a little joke about it. He was like, 'my daughters aren't far from your age. My daughters are a little bit younger than you.'"

Roberts, who's now 36, would've been 17 in 2001, which is when she says Andrew abused her. Prince Andrew has previously denied ever having met Roberts. A photo of the two of them with Ghislaine Maxwell exists, though, and is seen in the Netflix docuseries.

Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts, and Ghislaine Maxwell in Filthy Rich.

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Virginia Roberts explains photo with Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell

Reportedly, Roberts also recalls her alleged meetings with the Duke of York right up to the taking of their photograph.

"We went out for the night, club Tramp in London," she began. "He dances and he's profusely sweating over me and it was disgusting. We get back to the townhouse, go upstairs."

"I have this little Kodak yellow camera and I ask Jeffrey to take a photo of me and Prince Andrew together. Ghislaine Maxwell is literally just right behind me." 

"She tells me, 'you're going to have to do for him what you do for Jeffrey,' and it hit me. Right after that photo was taken I was sexually abused by Prince Andrew for the first time."

An ex-employee of Epstein's private island goes on to allege to have seen Prince Andrew "grabbing" and "grinding against" a topless Roberts sometime close to 2004 as well.

Filthy Rich, the new four-episode miniseries, was added in-full to Netflix on May 27. Its production had been announced prior to the death of Jeffrey Epstein in his jail cell in August 2019.