Now that Piers Morgan has explosively left his beloved show Good Morning Britain after 6 years after being confronted about his long-running obsessive hatred of Meghan Markle, fans are wondering how this all started. A resurfaced interview with Piers Morgan may explain what happened. 

Old Clip Shows Piers Morgan "Ghosted" By Meghan Markle After Date

Piers Morgan is the famously loud Brit whose strong opinions gained him notoriety. The straw that seems to have broken the camel's back is his main target over the years, Meghan Markle. He stormed off set after being calmy confronted by his co-host Alex Beresford who was made uncomfortable by Piers's denying of racial issues in Britain and claiming Meghan is lying about having had suicidal thoughts.

Alex gave his perspective on institutional racism, defended the Crown and Meghan's mental health then brought up the subject that triggered Piers to leave:

"I understand that you don't like Meghan Markle, you've made it so clear a number of times on this program. And I understand that you have a personal relationship with Meghan Markle or had one and she cut you off. She's entitled to cut you off if she wants to. Has she said anything about you since she cut you off, I don't think she has, and yet you continue to trash her."

Before Alex was able to finish his sentiment Piers stormed off the stage and never returned. Since then both he and ITV announced Piers would not be returning to GMB. Now an older clip is going viral on Piers's home base, Twitter. 

In the clip, Piers tells The Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy about how he first met Meghan and they built a small friendship. He explained how he enjoyed her show Suits and the two began corresponding publicly and privately and when she visited the UK for a tennis match she asked Piers out for a drink. 

"We had two hours in the pub, she had a couple of dirty martinis, a couple of pints, we got off brilliantly and then I put her in a cab. It turned out to be a cab that took her to a party where she met Prince Harry. And then the next night, they had a solo dinner together and that was the last I ever heard from Meghan Markle. I have never heard from her again."


Piers was devastated because, "She ghosted me, Ryan! Meghan Markle ghosted me." He added, "Look, I really liked her. This is why it hurts!"

Now fans are wondering if this is where his fixation with the Duchess of Sussex began. He claimed that she was "a slight social climber" and used his name to impress Prince Harry when they first met. It has come out that Harry and Meghan were actually set up on a blind date and all of their first meetings were privately just the two of them so Piers may have misunderstood the timeline a bit. 

Check out the full clip here!