A few media outlets have been gaining a lot of attention for their reporting of how Prince Harry learned of his grandfather's passing. Now the Palace is responding.

Leaked Reports About Prince Harry

TMZ has been reporting on how Prince Harry received the tragic news of his beloved grandfather's death. According to their leaked source, someone from the U.S. Embassy was desperately trying to reach Prince Harry at 3 in the morning but Harry was understandably asleep. Because he had not answered, the police went to his Montecito home and woke him up to tell him to call the Embassy immediately. 

Along with this information, TMZ made some strong speculations about it. Now a Buckingham Palace source has told Hello!, "Regardless of truth or otherwise, we would not comment on this as it is a personal and private matter which I don't believe is any way in the public interest to print."

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"How someone is told of the passing of a loved one is not really suitable for conjecture or speculation. It is private." The Duke of Sussex may have stepped back from his senior Royal duties but his family is still clearly quite important to him as he flew out very quickly to attend the funeral. 

The Royals already have a difficult and strained relationship with the media. Harry, his brother Prince William and uncle Charles Spencer have recently admonished the BBC for their unethical tactics of acquiring the infamous 1995 Panorama interview with their mother. 

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