• Peter (Pedro) I was King of Portugal in the 1300s
  • His true love was named Ines de Castro
  • This is what the King did after Ines died

There are stories that definitely surpass fiction, but the one we are going to tell you today seems like something out of a soap opera mixed with a horror story! This is the story of a man in love who was willing to do anything for the woman he loved, even declaring war on his father.

Peter was the third and only living son of King Afonso IV of Portugal. As heir, all the hopes of the kingdom were placed on him. Portugal needed to have an alliance with its neighbor, Castile, and for that reason Afonso married off Peter to Princess Constanza to promote peace.

Peter I of Portugal eventually married his true love, BUT...

In 1340, Peter married Constance in a ceremony so impressive that songs and poems were written about it. As was often the case with arranged marriages, Peter was not in love with his new wife. Far from it, he had already set his eyes on one of Constanza's ladies-in-waiting, Ines de Castro.

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Completely enraptured with Ines, Peter soon began to send her letters and poems written. Ines fell in love with the romantic Peter. The two kept their relationship a secret for years until, in 1345, Constanza died weeks after giving birth to their third son, who would become King Ferdinand I.

For Peter, destiny was giving him the opportunity to be with the woman he truly loved in accordance with the law...

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