Piers Morgan has made his thoughts known on The Crown season 4 — but his main target for criticism was neither the show nor a royal portrayed in it. Rather, he blasted Prince Harry on his partnership with Netflix despite its "humiliation" of the Royal Family with The Crown.

In his Daily Mail review, Morgan wrote of mixed feelings on The Crown's "hyped-up version of events designed to enthral viewers." Nonetheless, he added, "I was utterly enthralled, so it worked."

Piers Morgan blasts The Crown, Netflix... and Prince Harry

Morgan's review continued, observing how historians and the Royal Family would likely disagree with the Netflix show's portrayal. "It portrays both Diana and Charles in an incredibly unflattering light," Morgan wrote for Daily Mail.

"Meanwhile," he added, "the Queen comes across as a cold, heartless and inhuman woman incapable of showing any empathy to the couple as their marriage disintegrate."

The Crown season 4: Emma Corrin and Josh O'Connor as Diana and Charles

The GMB host then turned his attention to reports of Prince William being "furious" at the show's exploitation of his family. However, he doesn't see that fire in Prince Harry, who just recently partnered with Netflix on a production deal.

"Far from being outraged by Netflix making a fortune by rubbishing the royals like this, [Harry's] response has been to join his wife Meghan in striking their own massive multi-million-dollar deal with them," Morgan said.

"By doing so, Harry is literally accepting money made from humiliating his own family, especially his own mother whose experience with the press he constantly holds up to demand greater deference for his wife Meghan."

Piers Morgan takes it to Prince Harry over Netflix deal

Morgan, a frequent critic of Harry and Meghan, added he believes it is "hypocrisy" on the Duke of Sussex's part to cash in with Netflix after he has "always defended his family's privacy and railed against 'tabloid intrusion' against both his mother and now his wife, whom he openly likens to facing the same trials as Diana."

Piers Morgan reviews The Crown and Prince Harry's Netflix deal

"If Harry had any integrity left, he'd tear up his Netflix deal right now and apologise to his family for colluding with the enemy in such a distasteful manner. But he won't," Morgan added.

While there were reports on Prince William's feelings on The Crown, we've yet to see any thoughts reportedly belonging to Prince Harry so far. But a public comment on such matters would be out of the norm, it should be noted. Harry and Meghan's Netflix deal was signed on Sept. 2 and it's expected that their programming will debut in 2021.

The Crown season 4, meanwhile, hit Netflix last week to much fanfare and trending conversation. Josh O'Connor and Emma Corrin portrayed Charles and Diana in the 10 episodes, which premiered on Nov. 15.

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