Piers Morgan has shared his opinion about Harry and Meghan's decisions... once again. The Good Morning Britain presenter now has spoken about the   of leaving baby Archie alone while they travel.

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The 54-year-old television personality said, "Isn't it a bit odd? I mean, I've had four kids and the rule was always both parents wouldn't be out of the country at the same time when my kids were that young. I'm very surprised."

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Piers Morgan talks about Harry and Meghan's security costs

Piers Morgan also debated whether the fact of the public paying for Harry and Meghan's security is right. Joined by his co-star Sussana Reid, Piers Morgan said he considers that they should pay some money back in case they make commercial gains from the events they organise.

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During their discussion, it was also mentioned that although it could not be a good idea to leave baby Archie in Canada, "from a security standpoint it's far better to leave him in Vancouver Island."

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