Piers Morgan has responded harshly to Prince Harry's reported "determination" to regain honorary military titles he surrendered when he stepped down as a working royal.

In his Daily Mail column, Morgan wrote that Queen Elizabeth II "must" refuse her grandson's request because it's unreasonable for him to operate as a "half-in, half-out royal." For the GMB commentator, the issue is the honorary nature of these titles, earned as a result of Prince Harry's former royal status.

Piers Morgan on Prince Harry's military titles and the Queen

Prince Harry served 10 years in the military and is a respected figure in the community as founder of the Invictus Games—factors he reportedly intends to use to support his case. But Morgan believes this history does not merit Harry getting to pick and choose which parts of royal life he carries on.

Morgan wrote: "I don't doubt for one moment that Harry cares passionately about the armed forces. He was a good soldier himself, rising to the rank of Captain and serving two tours of Afghanistan during a 10-year military career."

He continued, "Harry also deserves great credit for creating the brilliant Invictus Games for wounded veterans. But none of this justifies him being allowed to retain honorary military titles he was given through his royal status when he still performed royal duties."

Piers Morgan: Queen "has to" refuse Prince Harry's request

The British commentator believes the Queen "won't like" refusing the request, but "she has to or the reputation of the Royal Family will be even further damaged by the Megxit saga than it already has been." Morgan concluded: Prince Harry "can't be an absentee armchair general from 5000 miles away in Santa Barbara."

Prince Harry plans to negotiate with the Queen to keep UK military titles.

As part of stepping down as a senior royal in 2020, Prince Harry surrendered three military patronages and the titles that came with them: Captain General of the Royal Marines; Honorary Air Commandant of RAF Honington; and Commodore-in-Chief, Small Ships and Diving, Royal Naval Command. This issue is believed to be at the core of the upcoming one-year review of his exit deal, expected to be negotiated personally by Prince Harry with the Queen this year.

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