She wants her kids to be active!

Pippa Middleton Opens Up About How Motherhood Changed Her Life

Pippa Middleton Opens Up About How Motherhood Changed Her Life

In a recent interview, Pippa Middleton shared what life is like for her now that she's got two kids! The active socialite explained that while her daily routine is different now, she has found new ways to incorporate exercise into it. Find out what she said here!

Pippa Middleton tends to stay out of the public eye when it comes to her family life. But as Hello! shares, Duchess Kate's sister got more personal in a recent interview with athletic footwear brand Hoka One One, which she is an ambassador for.

Pippa Middleton says most of her exercise comes from her kids

Pippa Middleton is known to be quite athletic and has competed in various sporting events. However, she has said that over the past few years, "family life and motherhood has consumed much of my spare time and unsurprisingly the challenges I thrived on have taken a back seat."

Despite this fact, Pippa still continues to be active. "Running and fitness still form part of my weekly routine but not to the level it was before," she said. She also joked about how a lot of her physical activity these days comes from chasing after her two kids— Arthur and Grace Matthews.

Pippa Middleton and James Middleton attend Day 11 of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships on July 9, 2021.

Pippa shares benefits of keeping up exercise routine

Pippa then went on to share how she ensured Arthur would have an active lifestyle from a young age. Not only did she mention going to the playground with him, Pippa said that "transporting him on the back of my bike and buggy running when he was a baby" have helped them both get exercise.

As it turns out, there are several reasons that the Duchess of Cambridge's sister values her exercise routine. She shared that maintaining her physical fitness has "helped manage my weight, is time-efficient and gives us both the chance to enjoy the fresh air and explore the great outdoors."

The self-described "hands-on mummy" revealed that Arthur "loves nothing more than running wild in the woods, parks and fields with our two dogs." She also mentioned that she would love to "participate in a sporting challenge or epic adventure with my own children" one day, especially since she got to do that when she was a child herself!