Prince Charles has always been vocal about conserving flora and fauna and fighting animal abuse. Whether in work with his patronages or charity organizations, he is simply a lover of the planet.

Now, the Prince of Wales has shown his passion once more by adopting three little hedgehogs who were living at a rescue centre. According to Daily Mail, the animals will be relocated to one of Queen Elizabeth's properties in Scotland.

Prince Charles adopts three hedgehogs

This week, staff at Dumfries House, a royal estate located in Ayrshire, Scotland, began preparations to host the three baby hedgehogs who were recently adopted by Prince Charles.

Prince Charles has adopted baby hedgehogs in Scotland.

Daily Mail's report adds that the hedgehogs—two females and one male—come from the Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Centre, where they were cared for after their births four months ago.

The animals were born very late, so they didn't have enough time to prepare for hibernation. For that reason, the Scottish rescue centre's staff cared for them and put them under protection.

Prince Charles's new hedgehogs will live in Scotland

After improving their health, the small animals were adopted by the Prince of Wales to participate in pest control tasks in his gardens at Dumfries House in Ayrshire.

"I just think it's great to get as much wildlife into the estate as we can, and we became aware that Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue, a brilliant Ayrshire charity, were looking to rehome some hedgehogs," a spokeswoman for the property told Daily Mail. "We're trying to bring a biodiversity of wildlife back into the estate. If the hedgehogs breed, great. The more, the better!"

It should be noted that Dumfries House, an 18th-century royal property, is home to the Prince's Foundation, established by Prince Charles to support education and community building throughout the UK.

Earlier in 2020, Prince Charles spoke on conservation and changing environmental practices to avoid future pandemics, after himself contracting COVID-19.