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Prince Charles & Camilla Welcome Spring With Sweet Couple's Photo

Prince Charles & Camilla Share New Couple Picture For Spring 2021
March 21, 2021 - 17:45 / Lucas Anderson

As in love as ever: Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla are currently warming the hearts of their Instagram followers with a sweet new couple's picture. The royals enjoy the spring sun while taking a walk outdoors and smiling away their worries.

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla have shared a new photo to usher in the start of spring. The Prince of Wales and his wife pose arm in arm in the Highgrove Royal Gardens in front of the year's first blooming flowers.

Prince Charles shines at Camilla's side

In fact, Charles, 72, and Camilla, 71, rarely display as much love and affection as they do in this new snapshot. The married couple of 15 years look each other in the eye and smile while Camilla holds a small bouquet of flowers in her hands.

"Wishing you a happy and healthy first day of Spring," Charles and Camilla wrote with the photo — and their Instagram followers were thrilled. This has to be *the most* beautiful photo I've ever seen of members of the Royal Family. The entire photo is the very portrait of nature," one user commented.

Reactions to Charles and Camilla's Spring 2021 photo

"Can see that they love each other so deeply," another follower wrote on the picture. Although the couple is usually ranked among the least popular royals, positive comments on their new picture far exceeded the negative ones.

Many royal fans are also in good moods these days since Prince Philip was able to return home from the hospital this week, after nearly a month-long stay. Prince Charles had paid an emotional visit to his father in the hospital, so we are all the more pleased to see a carefree and happy Charles once again.