Prince Charles was speaking at the 2019 Prince's Trust Invest in Futures event and made comments during his speech regarding the negative impacts he believes social media has on children's mental health.

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The Prince of Wales specifically raised concerns about the social media platforms Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and their damaging affect on children's mental health because the sites are all about comparing oneself to others they see on social media. 

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Prince Charles does not have a personal social media profile

These comments make it unlikely that the Prince will approve of his grandchildren using their own personal social media accounts when they are older, even if it's in a private capacity. According to Hello!, "neither Charles, nor other senior members of the royal family including his sons Prince William and Prince Harry have their own personal social media profiles." 

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Duchess Meghan deleted her personal social media accounts prior to marrying Prince Harry and has been quoted saying it has been "freeing" to not have to deal with or use the sites any longer. However, Princess Eugenie is an active Instagram user as she is often found posting content regarding her and her family's charity work. She is able to have her own social media accounts because she is not a working member of the royal family. 

Princess Eugenie at the Duke Of Edinburgh Gold Award Presentations At Buckingham Palace