Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla were on their provincial trip and spending three days visiting some of the most beautiful spots in Great Britain. After Cornwall, the two ended their trip in the county of Devon, where Charles was spotted a good mood as he enjoyed a farewell beer.

Prince Charles is all smiles while sipping beer at Devon pub

It was only a few days ago Prince Harry announced that he is currently writing his own memoir. Royal fans around the world are already expecting shocking new revelations to come from the book, but Prince Charles seemed unimpressed by the news.

However, during his provincial trip with his wife Camilla, Charles always appeared happy, enjoying the British landscapes and the beautiful weather. And as he said goodbye on Wednesday in Devon, the heir to the throne had a beer in a pub.

Prince Charles treats himself to a beer

The Duke of York in Iddesleigh was closed to guests at lunchtime especially for Charles, so that the royal could relax and enjoy his cold drink. He was seen sipping the beer with a big grin. In addition, Prince Charles wore a beige suit and tie in the colours of the British flag, evoking the feeling of summer vacation.