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Prince Charles: Was This His Gift To Camilla For Their 16th Anniversary?

Prince Charles: Was This His Gift To Camilla For Their 16th Anniversary?

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla's 16th wedding anniversary fell earlier this month, and the Duchess may have just debuted her anniversary gift from her husband. This weekend, Camilla posed for a new portrait on Instagram, where she was seen wearing a lovely new piece of jewelry. Here's a closer look...

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla turned 16 earlier this month.

Sadly, their April 9 wedding anniversary coincided with the death of Prince Philip, so the day wasn't marked by celebrations or social media tributes. But Prince Charles may have still had a gift prepared for Camilla, his wife since 2005.

Prince Charles: Is this his 16th anniversary gift for Camilla?

On Saturday, Clarence House announced the beginning of the new season of Duchess Camilla's book club. The post came with a new portrait of Camilla, 73, who happily wears a gold bracelet adorned with hearts on her left wrist.

As Hello! reported, Camilla's bracelet is a new piece and she's debuted it just a few days after her 16th wedding anniversary. So, it's not out of the question that Prince Charles could have gifted his wife with the affectionate jewelry.

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla were married on April 9, 2005. They've now been married for 16 years, but that 16th anniversary earlier this month tragically overlapped with the death of Charles's father Prince Philip.

Following the April 17 funeral, the Prince of Wales retreated to his country home in Wales, while Camilla is believed to have remained in England due to prior commitments. Hopefully they'll be able to celebrate their 17th anniversary under better circumstances.