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Prince Charles Is Reportedly The One Preventing Archie From Becoming A Prince

Prince Charles Is Reportedly The One Preventing Archie From Becoming A Prince

Prince Charles has reportedly made it known that he won't let his grandson Archie be a prince when he becomes King. In the Oprah interview, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan had said the royals didn't want Archie becoming a prince, but the issue has only now been connected directly to Prince Charles in a new Daily Mail report. Here's his reasoning for the decision.

Another day, another royal bombshell.

Prince Charles is reportedly the royal actively preventing Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's son Archie from becoming a prince — a title traditionally granted to grandchildren of the monarch.

Prince Charles won't let Archie be a prince: Report

In fact, Daily Mail revealed this weekend that Prince Charles will "ensure" that his grandson Archie never becomes a prince when he becomes King after Queen Elizabeth II.

Harry and Meghan raised this issue in their interview with Oprah Winfrey. They suggested there was a racially-motivated element in the decision, as Archie is mixed-race. Though they didn't implicate Prince Charles by name at the time.

Prince Charles reportedly doesn't want Archie to become a prince.

However, the new report offers a less controversial reason for Charles's decision. It is said to stem from his desire to reduce the number of "key royals," as the Prince of Wales believes "the public does not wish to pay for an ever-expanding Monarchy."

For the moment, Harry and Meghan's son is styled only as Master Archie, and it was thought he would be offered the title of prince when his grandfather ascends the throne.

But, as King, Charles plans to change legal documents so Archie will lose that entitlement. He informed Harry and Meghan of this news shortly before the Oprah interview, a Sussex source told Daily Mail.

Harry and Meghan talked Archie, prince title with Oprah

The discussion with Prince Charles led Harry and Meghan to reveal the Royal Family's unfavourable attitude toward Archie being a prince, with the couple implying in the Oprah interview that race factored into the decision.

Oprah with Meghan and Harry: A CBS Primetime Special (2021).

Despite the admittedly troubling side of the racism accusation, Prince Charles has for years had a well-documented plan to scale back the number of royals and security-related costs for the family when he becomes King.

The royals are also handling an unprecedented separation with Prince Harry and his family. But, regardless, it's difficult to argue that this is a good look for Prince Charles — to be enforcing extraordinary rules against his 2-year-old grandson.