He took it in stride

Prince Charles Reacts To Surprise Gift Of... Anti-Wrinkle Cream!

Prince Charles Reacts To Being Given Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Prince Charles was in a witty mood at a new outing this week. The Prince of Wales visited a farm and food education centre in Oxfordshire, where he was surprised with — of all things — a jar of natural anti-wrinkle cream. This was the 72-year-old's fun response to the gift.

Prince Charles is ready to embrace a new skincare routine.

This week, the Prince of Wales visited a sustainable farm and food education centre, where he was given a special gift: anti-wrinkle cream, made from honey. The 72-year-old had a witty response to the item...

Prince Charles reacts to anti-wrinkle cream gift at new outing

At the centre, a staff member surprised Charles with the gift that she said was "for your wrinkles." When handed the product, Prince Charles took it in stride and said: "Just in time!"

Prince Charles Reacts To Being Given Anti-Wrinkle Cream

The heir to the throne, 72, also inquired about how much honey was in the cream, a product of Oxfordshire's FarmEd centre, which educates on sustainable farming and food practices.

During the outing, Prince Charles also had another witty remark when told about nearby bees that were behaving "a bit erratic." He responded, "Erratic may be a slight euphemism."

Prince Charles visits Oxfordshire ahead of Prince Harry visit

Prince Charles visited Oxfordshire, in south England, on Tuesday, now just days ahead of his son Prince Harry's return to the UK to honour what would've been Princess Diana's 60th birthday.

Prince Harry Won't Reunite With Prince Charles During UK Visit: Report

Though Prince Harry will be back for a rare visit to the UK, Prince Charles isn't expected to reunite with his son, as it's been reported that he will travel to Scotland ahead of July 1.