Prince Charles is launching an exciting new environmental project while also demonstrating his French fluency! As Hello! reports, Charles is seen speaking in both English and French as he talks about the initiative in a new video, and the royals also shared a clip about the project on social media on Monday.

Prince Charles congratulates French president in opening remarks

Prince Charles' special announcement came during his virtual appearance at the One Planet Summit, an environmental summit with a focus on protecting biodiversity and climate. As Hello! mentions, the event was hosted by French president Emmanuel Macron, so it made sense that Charles chose to speak in French for his opening remarks!

"I am most touched to have been invited to join all of you, at the start of this year of hope, for this vitally important One Planet Summit," the English translation of his message reads. "I can only congratulate you, Cher Monsieur le President, for providing such a crucial opportunity to galvanise ambitious, but practical action to address the critical challenges facing this planet, which we all share with the rest of nature."

Prince Charles

Prince Charles launches Terra Carta sustainability project

Prince Charles then continued in English as he announced his Terra Carta initiative, which he says urges businesses to prioritize "nature, people and planet at the heart of global value creation." As Hello! shares, this project comes on behalf of the royal's Sustainable Markets Initiative, which was launched in 2020.

The Sustainable Markets Initiative also created the Natural Capital Investment Alliance, which wants supporters of the Terra Carta mission to commit millions of dollars to environmental sustainability! Charles hopes to see $10 billion put aside for sustainability projects by 2022, going towards the restoration of both renewable and non-renewable resources.

Charles rallying for the environment on such a global scale is no surprise! The royal is a known environmentalist who frequently talks about the importance of sustainability. Last year, he partnered with an eco-friendly clothing line, and also talked about sustainable fashion in an interview with British Vogue.

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