The future King, Prince Charles wrote an article for the Future Healthcare Journal to encourage integrated approaches to health. The coronavirus survivor also poked fun of the anti-vaxxers.

Prince Charles Takes A Jab At Anti-Vaxxers

The Prince of Wales published a letter for the Future Healthcare Journal encouraging integrated science for those with long-term health issues. He hopes to tackle health issues with lifestyle and diet changes along with what the medical community has to offer. 

He powerfully stated that he believes, "that medicine will need to combine bioscience with personal beliefs, hopes, aspirations and choices," and "then can we escape divisions and intolerance on both sides of the conventional/complementary equation, where on the one hand, the appropriate regulation of the proven therapies of acupuncture and medical herbalism is opposed, while on the other we find people actually opposing life-saving vaccinations."

Duchess Camilla and Prince Charles on 17/02/2021.

The eloquent Prince wrote, "Who would have thought… that in the 21st century that there would be a significant lobby opposing vaccination, given its track record in eradicating so many terrible diseases and its current potential to protect and liberate some of the most vulnerable in our society from coronavirus?"

Prince Charles himself and his son Prince William had a rough battle with the coronavirus last March. Luckily, his parents Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip received the vaccine early and have not had to suffer the same battle. Her Majesty the Queen encouraged her countrymen to take the vaccine and said it is not painful and those who are tentative about it should think of the safety of others around them.