Prince Charles has talked about the value of sustainable fashion in a brand-new interview! As People mentions, the December issue of British Vogue sees the royal opening up about how his eco-friendly approach to fashion has influenced his life for years, and sharing why sustainability is important to the future of the industry.

Charles comments on being considered a fashion icon

Prince Charles told British Vogue's editor-in-chief Edward Enninful that he appreciates the compliments he receives when it comes to his own personal fashion style! "I thought I was like a stopped clock – I’m right twice every 24 hours," Charles said of his sartorial choices. "But . . . I’m very glad you think it has style."

As British Vogue mentions, the royal then went on to talk about how he's able to get good use out of the pieces he cherishes, such as old suits and leather shoes. "I’m lucky because I can find marvellous people who are brilliant makers of the things that I appreciate," Charles explained, "and because of that, I try to keep them going for longer."

Prince Charles

Charles talks potential opportunities through sustainability

Charles shared that his interest in sustainable fashion started at a young age, telling Enninful that he "would watch with fascination" while he saw shoes get repaired. "I happen to be one of those people who’d get shoes – or any item of clothing – repaired if I can, rather than just throw it away," he said.

"And that’s why I think, from an economic point of view, there are huge opportunities for people to set up small businesses involved with repair, maintenance and reuse." As British Vogue mentions, Charles' Prince’s Foundation currently has a special program for students underway that will result in a sustainable fashion collection, called The Modern Artisan Project.

Charles says that consumers have "immense power"

Charles talked about why it's so crucial that young people in the fashion industry are given the opportunity to get immersed within the world of sustainable fashion. "The British fashion textile sector is of enormous importance," he explained. "But the trouble is, it requires constant investment in young people and in the development of real skills."

"And a lot of the students we train here are snapped up by local firms – the ones that are left in the textile sector," Charles continued. "But it seems to me there are huge opportunities, particularly now, within the whole sustainable fashion sector, to counter this extraordinary trend of throw-away clothing – or throw away everything, frankly."

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales visits the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Stanford Hall in Loughborough, United Kingdom, 2020

Charles also shared what he believes is the most effective way to combat the fast fashion industry! "The consumer has immense power in deciding where to buy from," he explained, "and the best companies will lead the way, we hope, in demonstrating that if you follow the right principles of operation, not only are you moving more and more towards net-zero but also you’re removing pollution from supply chains."

Earlier this year, Charles teamed up with designers for an eco-friendly fashion line. The royal has also spoken out on ecological issues, demanding "immediate action" when it comes to climate change!