Prince Philip († 99) stayed in St Bartholomew’s Hospital before his death in London, where he underwent heart surgery. Now - over a month after the stay in the hospital - Prince Charles (72) thanked the staff of the facility personally.

Prince Charles Feeling Grateful

Prince Charles paid a visit to historic St Bartholomew’s Hospital on Tuesday. He got the opportunity to speak personally with some of the hospital staff, as reported by Hello!. He took the time to share his appreciation for the very people who personally took care of his father, Prince Philip, after the heart operation.

The meeting is said to have lasted ten minutes. Prince Charles was clearly in a good mood and was finally laugh again after the funeral.

Prince Charles in conversation with staff at St Bartholomew’s Hospital 

Prince Charles was talking to nurses and patients

During his visit, Prince Charles also paid a visit to nurses who were in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Hello!, he told the staff: "I couldn't not stop to thank you. Well done, all of you. You're amazing."

The 72-year-old also spoke to patients, even joking with a 46-year old Stella Amore-Fernandez with tubes in her nose, "Should you be here?"

Prince Charles is talking to a patient at St Bartholomew’s Hospital 

Stella also expressed her gratuity for the same nurses who aided Prince Philip. She had been admitted to the hospital on Christmas Day when she was struck terribly but the coronavirus. "If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be here." It was this sentiment that brought a smile to Charles' face, "I owe the team everything. My life, everything. I can't tell you how brilliant they are and what compassion they have."

Stella described the future monarch to the Daily Mail, as "a very lovely and genuine man."

The hospital's manager said, according to the British newspaper: "It meant an enormous amount to us that he came to visit and also that he met those involved in his father's care."

He continued: "We were just so honoured to have treated his father and it was wonderful to see the Prince of Wales today. It was particularly special that he got the opportunity to speak to some of our staff here ahead of International Nurses Day tomorrow."

What a nice gesture from the royal. His father Prince Philip died on April 9th at the age of 99.