Prince Charles has had it with anti-vaxx conspiracy theories.

The 73-year-old royal was visiting a coronavirus vaccination clinic in London this week. While chatting with experts and volunteers, the Prince even let a few remarks fly about anti-vaxxers.

Prince Charles unloads on anti-vaxx conspiracy theorists

Praising the clinic staff, Prince Charles first said: "You are marvellous. What would we do without you?" He then lashed out at the anti-vaxx community. "It is so frustrating all these nonsense conspiracy theories," he said.

Prince Charles Unloads On Anti-Vaxx Conspiracy Theorists

Prince Charles has already had his COVID-19 booster shot, and he observed as some visitors to the clinic received their booster jabs as well. To one needle-shy woman, he apparently joked: "I shall try and distract you!"

The royals have also cancelled their annual Christmas lunch amid the onslaught of the Omicron variant in England. For more on Prince Charles's clinic visit and his comments on anti-vaxxers, please watch the video above.

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