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Prince Edward on Prince Philip: "We Keep Our Fingers Crossed"

Prince Edward Gives Prince Philip Update In Interview

Prince Philip today is spending his 10th day in hospital as he's being treated for an infection. Recently, the 99-year-old Duke's youngest son Prince Edward spoke to him on the phone and shared promising news about his father: Philip is on the mend.

Prince Philip has now been admitted to hospital for 10 days. At first, it was said that he'd only be staying briefly after feeling "unwell," but we now know he's being treated for an infection. Earlier this week, the Palace announced that the Duke, 99, is "comfortable and responding to treatment."

Now, a Royal Family member has given an update on Prince Philip's health. His youngest son Prince Edward told Sky News that he recently spoke to his father on the phone and that he is "a lot better." The Earl of Wessex also revealed that his father is a little frustrated with the hospital stay.

Prince Philip is visited by his family

"We've had some brilliant and lovely messages from all sorts of people, and we really appreciate that — and so does he, I've been passing them on. It's fantastic, thank you," Prince Edward continued. From speaking to his father, he said that Philip is looking forward to being released from the hospital. Prince Edward added: "We keep our fingers crossed."

Of course, Prince Philip is also a bit crabby about having to stay in the hospital for so long. "I think that gets to all of us. You can only watch the clock so many times and the walls are only so interesting," Edward said about the lack of entertainment for his father.

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Prince William also previously commented on Prince Philip's health. While at a recent engagement, he winked and told a Sun photographer: "He's okay, they're keeping an eye on him."

The Duke of Edinburgh is staying at King Edward VII's Hospital in London, where visits are only permitted under "extraordinary circumstances." But Prince Charles was able to see his father over the weekend. We wish Prince Philip a speedy recovery!