Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince George all attended Sunday's Euro 2020 match. Like father-like son, Prince George was incredibly invested in the intense game!

Prince George at Euro 2020

Royal fans had their eyes glued to the Cambridge family at Wembley stadium for one big reason: Prince George's reactions. Prince George, much like his father Prince William, could not contain his excitement when England player Luke Shaw scored a goal. He jumped in the air with his arms spread wide and instinctively hugged his father and then hugged his mother to celebrate. 

Prince William is a well-known football fan and is even the Football Association President and his dedication to the sport seems to have rubbed off on Prince George. The young lad is now 7 years old and able to attend his parents at major events like this.

Prince William celebrates as his beloved Aston Villa scores their first goal at the Carabao Cup Final match Aston Villa v Manchester City on March 1, 2020.

Prince William and his brother Prince Harry even love to play the sport themselves and often together!

Prince William and Prince Harry playing football on Christmas Eve in Castle Rising, Norfolk 2015.

After the game, Prince George looked quite solemn but he impressively kept a strong face, another skill he has inherited from his father. Prince William took to Twitter to congratulate Italy but also express his sadness for his own team.

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