Even at the age of 7, Prince George seems to have found his own taste in food.

As the celebrity chef Aldo Zili has revealed to Daily Mail, young George is known to have a particular fondness for an Italian specialty: spaghetti carbonara. You might have guessed a royal would have a more unusual pick — but the future king definitely has taste.

Prince George: His favourite food is spaghetti carbonara

Aldo Zili met Prince William while working together with the British organization Centrepoint, a charity supporting homeless youth. The celebrity chef told Daily Mail that William is "amazing" and an "absolute gent," adding that he also learned of Prince George's favourite dish: "Apparently his little boy's favourite is spaghetti carbonara, so I'm waiting for the call to go and cook it for him."

Since then, Zili has been waiting for the day when he can finally cook up his own carbonara for the young royal: "If George has my carbonara, he will never have another one, so I need to go and make it, let's get the ball rolling, send me to the palace to cook!" A special carbonara dish could soon be in the cards for the prince.

Aldo Zili was born in Italy and went to Germany at a young age to find work, but ended up on the streets with no money. Later, however, his career really took off while living in the UK. It's safe to assume Prince George would be thrilled about a delicious meal from the renowned professional chef.

Prince George also recently enjoyed a museum outing with his mother Duchess Kate, and royal fans were thrilled to see him and his siblings speak in a recent video with Sir David Attenborough.