U.S. comedy writer Gary Janetti is known for his satirical streak, which he brought out for years on the series Family Guy. Now, he's written something that the British Royal Family likely won't favour: a series about the young royals, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. A few excerpts from the upcoming HBO show were posted on Instagram and commenters seem to be enjoying the previews.

Prince George is the focus of HBO Max satire The Prince

With the show, titled The Prince, Janetti wants to bring Prince George and the royals to an American audience. In a Halloween episode, which the creator previewed on Instagram, the future King wants to boss Charlotte and Louis around, but he quickly realizes that his younger siblings have Halloween plans of their own.

The ways and everyday lives of the young royals will take centre stage in the show. Janetti, who himself voices Prince George, satirically comments on the Royal Family's ways, as he's done for some time on his Instagram page.

The Prince: The cast who will voice the Royal Family

As for the voice cast, real Hollywood stars have joined the party. Little Charlotte is voiced by Game Of Thrones actress Sophie Turner, while Orlando Bloom performs as Prince Harry.

But other royals, such as Prince William, Duchess Kate, and Duchess Meghan, haven't been seen in the previews just yet. A release date for the show also remains unclear, but the new Halloween preview, with Turner's voice debut, was the latest update on The Prince. Click to see Bloom's comments on voicing the Duke of Sussex on the show.

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