In the interview with Oprah (67), Meghan (39) and Harry (36) did not hold back. They answered honestly and openly every question the talk show host asked them. Meghan spoke about her suicidal thoughts and Harry about feeling trapped in royalty and even feeling abandoned by his father, Prince Charles.

Towards the end of the interview, Oprah Winfrey wanted to know what Harry's mother, Princess Diana, would think about their decision to step back from the royal family. Harry was sure she would be angry at first.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan in an interview with Oprah Winfrey

That is what Lady Diana would think of leaving the royal family

"I think [my mother] would feel very angry with how this has panned out, and very sad. But, ultimately, all she'd ever want is for us to be happy," Harry said in the interview. "I think she saw it coming. And I felt her presence throughout this whole process," he added.

He also couldn't imagine what it was like for his mother years earlier when she had to go through this process all by herself. He is glad that he still has someone by his side.

His greatest concern was that history would repeat itself. "For me, I'm just really relieved and happy to be sitting here with you, with my wife by my side, because I can't begin to imagine what it must've been like for her to go through this process by herself all those years ago," Prince Harry continued.

Prince Harry Used Money Left By Diana To Step Back

Harry also revealed that the entire situation wouldn't have been possible without the money that his mother left him. "I've got all my mom left me and without that, we would not be able to do this," Harry said. According to BBC News, Harry and William received the bulk of the 13 million pound fortune left by Diana when she passed in 1997.

During the show, Meghan wore a bangle that used to belong to Diana. According to People, it was a conscious decision as the couple wanted Diana to be there for the interview.