Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry are currently living in British Columbia, Canada out on the west coast on Vancouver Island. British Columbia is a province within Canada that has a unique privacy law that specifically creates a right to sue if your privacy is in fact invaded.

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Harry and Meghan: They have a "privacy act" in B.C.

Not only does the little family of three have clean air, beautiful nature and friendly neighbours surrounding them at their new home on Vancouver Island, they also have a "Privacy Act" that is intended to provide them extra protection from British newspapers, according to People.

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Privacy expert David Fraser told People that, "British Columbia is one of a handful of provinces that has a law like this, which specifically creates a right to sue if your privacy is invaded. It specifically says that surveillance can be a form of privacy invasion."

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The "privacy law is increasingly protecting"

Continuing on, Fraser said "Privacy is also one of the only areas of law that protects a certain set of feelings related to being surveilled or being ‘creeped out.’ So, if you think you’re alone and somebody steps out from a shadow, that jarring feeling of intrusion is something that privacy law increasingly is protecting."

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This would help the Duke and Duchess of Sussex out in ways that they can enjoy taking a stroll in the park, having privacy at home and even going to the local supermarket with their right to privacy. Even though they are public figures, they are still covered under this "privacy act" especially since they have chosen to step down as senior working members of the British royal family.