Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made another decision that marks their shift away from the royal family! As The Daily Express reports, Harry and Meghan have taken the word "royal" out of their UK charity name, changing it to something very different.

Harry and Meghan to call their charity MWX Foundation

Harry and Meghan's UK charity was initially called Sussex Royal. However, the couple was told they couldn't use the term "royal" in future branding following their exit from the royal family, and closed down the Sussex Royal charity earlier this month. 

New documents that have been released show that their charity will now be known as the MWX Foundation. As The Daily Express mentions, an expert says companies don't often change their names while winding up. However, he believes the move may be a temporary solution to removing "royal" from the organization's name.

Harry and Meghan's rebrand: Markle Windsor Foundation?

Harry and Meghan have actually been connected to the MWX brand before! The Daily Express shares that a company called MWX Trading Ltd was founded last August. The secretary of the company happens to be Gerrard Tyrrell, Harry and Meghan's lawyer.

While Harry and Meghan have not said what the new name means, speculation is that the "MW" stands for "Markle Windsor". Prior to the release of this documentation, many people thought their UK charity would follow suit with their US rebranding by taking the name Archewell. 

After the couple announced back in April that their American non-profit foundation would be called Archewell, an internet troll nabbed the domain name to throw shade at Harry and Meghan. Time will tell whether the MWX Foundation is a temporary or permanent name for the couple's charity, but hopefully they're able to retain ownership of it!

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