Five years ago, on September 10 2014, Prince Harry kicked off the Invictus Games in London for the first time. The Paralympic-style competition for veterans and active service members has been growing ever since - reason enough to celebrate the 5th anniversary in a fitting way. For the occasion, the Duke of Sussex invited past and present competitors, as well as their families, to The Guildhall.

Prince Harry talking to past competitors of the Invictus Games at The Guildhall.

Prince Harry delivered an inspiring speech

"I think, in the last five years, these guys have completely changed how we view disability, how we view mental health. This is all them," the Duke said in an impressive speech. "We merely created a platform in order for them to shine and it’s genuinely been one of the greatest honors of my life to get to know all you guys and to see you through this process. We’ve had some laughs, we’ve had some tears, and I can’t ever thank you enough for the impact that you have had across the world, to be able to create better understanding for those people who put the uniform on."

Prince Harry celebrates the 5th anniversary of the Invictus Games at The Guildhall.

Prince Harry was inspired by the U.S. Warrior Games in 2013

Prince Harry first had the idea for the Invictus Games in 2013 when he traveled to the United States and watched a British team compete in the similar Warrior Games in 2013.

"What a huge amount has happened in five years. Medals have been won, children have been born..." Prince Harry continued his emotional speech. "But one thing that hasn’t happened is limbs haven’t grown back. But one thing I can assure you is that mental heath has completely changed with every single one of these individuals."

Prince Harry also talked about the Invictus Games on Instagram