Duchess Meghan (37) and Prince Harry (33) enjoy their time as a newly married couple. The two Royals are spending Meghan's birthday at a friend's wedding. This is followed by a trip to Scotland, which is compulsory for almost all members of the British royal family during the summer.

British Royals: Holidays at Balmoral Castle

Queen Elizabeth II (92) spends every summer at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Prince William (36) and Duchess Catherine (36) also always come with their children to visit the British monarch for a few days.
Harry and his wife are also expected to visit the beautiful castle this year. They won't regret their trip, because Balmoral Castle actually has a lot to offer.

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry can look forward to a wonderful holiday in Scotland. The idyllic nature is only part of the unique ambience. The Queen regularly organizes picnics, barbecues and parties, in which the Prince and his wife will also participate.