Home after 9 days in the UK

Prince Harry: Royal Insider Reveals What Really Happened During The UK Trip

Prince Harry: Royal Insider Reveals What Happened During UK Trip

A new report has set the record straight on Prince Harry's time in the UK and his return home one day before the 95th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. According to Finding Freedom author Omid Scobie, the Duke met with his grandmother privately several times during the stay, which was a "family-focused" time without conflict. He spent nine days in the UK after flying in to attend the funeral of Prince Philip.

New details have emerged on Prince Harry's time in the UK, which concluded on Tuesday this week.

During the Duke's return home for Prince Philip's funeral, there were a range of reports on his relations with family members including Prince Charles, Prince William, and Queen Elizabeth II. But now, royal insider Omid Scobie has cleared up several rumours about Prince Harry's stay.

Prince Harry met the Queen before her 95th birthday

Scobie reported in Harper's Bazaar that, although Prince Harry left the UK the day before the Queen's 95th birthday, he did meet with her privately on "at least two occasions" during his stay. In this regard, it wouldn't appear he returned home without consulting with the Queen.

The Finding Freedom author added that Harry did speak with his father Charles and brother William, but no such "family summit" or "peace talk" occurred, as had been reported. Nor did the Duke write a letter to Prince Charles ahead of the trip, according to Scobie.

Prince Harry and Prince William walk during the funeral procession for Prince Philip.

A source told Scobie that it was a "family-focused" visit, which "broke the ice for future conversations but outstanding issues have not been addressed at any great length." The Royals were able to set aside their differences and "focus on what mattered," the insider said, after the family lost its patriarch, Prince Philip.

Prince Harry has left the UK after Prince Philip's funeral

Today, news broke that the Duke of Sussex did return home to California on Tuesday this week, after spending nine days in his homeland. It had been his first time in the UK since March 2020, when he and Duchess Meghan left for North America and stepped back as working royals.

Prince Harry Returns Home

Prince Harry is now home in Santa Barbara with his wife, who is well along in her second pregnancy, and their son Archie. Today is also the Queen's 95th birthday, which comes less than two weeks after the death of her husband of 73 years, Prince Philip.

The Queen wrote a personal message thanking people around the world for the "support and kindness" shown to her and the Royal Family in recent days following the loss of the Duke of Edinburgh.