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Prince Harry's Opinion Of 'The Prince' Series Revealed By Its Creator

Prince Harry's Feelings About The Prince Series Revealed By Creator

The Prince has been the talk of the royal world since its premiere last month. The controversial animated show spoofs the Royal Family with a focus on 8-year-old Prince George. How do the actual royals feel about it? The series creator claims to know the opinion of one in particular: Prince Harry.

Since it debuted last month, The Prince has attracted criticism from royal fans for its controversial depiction of the Royal Family.

So, how do you think the royals themselves feel about the animated series focused on Prince George and his relatives? Well, its creator Gary Janetti claims to have an idea of Prince Harry's opinion of the show, based on what Orlando Bloom told him.

The Prince creator Gary Janetti on Prince Harry, Orlando Bloom

This week, Janetti appeared on Andy Cohen's talk show where he answered a fan question about Prince Harry and Orlando Bloom — who are friends, despite Bloom voicing the royal on The Prince.

Janetti explained: "I don't know if Harry has said anything to Orlando about it, but I know before the show premiered, he was aware that Orlando was doing it. And he seemed to have a sense of humour about it."

Granted, Janetti's comment appears to describe Prince Harry's opinion of the series before it actually premiered, and you have to wonder if his view has changed since that time.

The Prince debuted on July 29 to mixed reviews, but detractors have especially decried the show's focus on the royal children and its portrayal of the recently-deceased Prince Philip.

Despite these loud criticisms, Janetti and voice actors like Orlando Bloom insist the HBO Max series is all in good fun — an opinion apparently shared by Prince Harry, at least at first.

Bloom himself, a friend of the Duke of Sussex, even told The Hollywood Reporter: "I'm not someone who wants to poke fun at anyone normally, but this was so clever, witty and affectionately done."

No royal has publicly acknowledged the existence of The Prince just yet, after it caused a minor stir when it premiered last month.