Harry on the town

Prince Harry Reportedly Had Big Meeting In California On Queen's Birthday

Prince Harry Reportedly Had Big Meeting In California On Queen's Birthday

This week, Prince Harry was spotted dining in West Hollywood with a prominent American philanthropist, according to a report from Page Six. It was a lunch meeting that came the day after the Duke returned home from the funeral of Prince Philip in the UK. Here's what we know about the meeting.

Prince Harry was reportedly out on the town this week after he returned home to California following Prince Philip's funeral in the UK.

Page Six reported on the Duke of Sussex's lunch outing on Wednesday, when he is said to have dined with Wallis Annenberg, 81, the billionaire American philanthropist and head of the Annenberg Foundation. They reportedly met for lunch in West Hollywood.

Prince Harry reportedly had lunch with Wallis Annenberg

Prince Harry and Wallis Annenberg chatted over lunch at San Vicente Bungalows, which Page Six described as a "super exclusive Hollywood club." They were reportedly secluded from other diners and ate outdoors after Harry arrived wearing a mask.

Wallis Annenberg reportedly met with Prince Harry in California this week.

The business meeting could hint at a new collaboration for Prince Harry. As Daily Mail highlighted, the Annenberg Foundation works closely with causes on climate change, animal welfare, and social justice — areas that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have targeted in their work since stepping back from duties with the Royal Family.

The Annenbergs also have connections with the Royals going back several decades. Wallis Annenberg's father Walter was US ambassador to the UK from 1969 to 1973 and he was a friend of Prince Charles.

Prince Harry had meeting after leaving UK for California

Presuming the lunch in West Hollywood occurred, it would have come the day after Prince Harry returned to California after spending nine days in the UK after the death of Prince Philip. Harry flew back on Tuesday to be with his pregnant wife, Duchess Meghan.

Prince Harry Returns Home

Prince Harry attracted some heat for flying home the day before the 95th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, and his meeting with Annenberg would have occurred on the monarch's birthday. But a report from Finding Freedom author Omid Scobie this week said that the Duke met privately with the Queen several times while in the UK, so it's unlikely that he left without consulting with her.