Prince Harry wants the world to be aware of the unfavourable origins of "Megxit"! As Vanity Fair reports, the Duke of Sussex took part in this year's Wired’s Re:Wired Conference on Tuesday, discussing how the buzzword came to be widely used during a panel on misinformation in the media.

Harry says "Megxit" initially "started with a troll"

Harry's comments on the matter made it clear that the royal is not a fan of "Megxit". He explained that while some are unaware of where the word first originated, "'Megxit' was or is a misogynistic term, and it was created by a troll." As Vanity Fair mentions, the word first entered the public lexicon in 2018, but garnered popularity after Harry and Meghan released a statement in January 2020 announcing their decision to step back from the royal family.

The Duke of Sussex mentioned a recent study that revealed how "fewer than 50 accounts" were found to be fuelling the majority of online hate speech Meghan received. He mentioned how it was "disturbing" to see people working for the British media "interacting with them and amplifying the lies," which in turn caused these falsehoods to become disseminated and treated as facts. Then, Harry spoke about the important work he has been doing with the Aspen Institute.

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry step out on 2021 New York City trip.

Back in March, the royal joined a team created to study misinformation, and he said that they have become aware of how there are superspreaders to monitor and contain" within the digital world. Because of this, he affirmed that neither he nor Meghan would have their own social media presences "until things change." Harry and Meghan have previously taken a stand against online hate speech, with the Duke of Sussex even penning an op-ed on the topic for Fast Company last year.