Prince Harry reportedly isn't happy to be losing the various titles and patronages he held as a working member of the royal family! As Entertainment Tonight shares, royal expert Katie Nicholl recently talked about Harry and Meghan Markle's efforts to keep some of their roles, and explained why the statement they issued caused controversy!

Harry and Meghan "tried very hard" to keep patronages

Prince Harry is said to be "surprised and very disappointed to have had all of his military titles and the royal patronages taken away from him," according to Nicholl. She told Entertainment Tonight that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had both been "hoping they would be able to retain" the patronages they had received, but unfortunately the queen decided against it

"Behind the scenes they tried very hard to convince Palace courtiers that even though they are living private lives out of the royal family that they are still committed philanthropists," Nicholl explained, "who remained committed to the charities and the patronages that they've represented for the past couple of years." 


Harry and Meghan's reply considered "disrespectful"

Harry and Meghan responded to Queen Elizabeth II's statement with a statement of their own! In their message, which was issued on behalf of a representative, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex expressed their intent to continue supporting their former patronages. "We can all live a life of service. Service is universal," the statement concluded. 

However, Nicholls shared that Prince William does not think favourably of their statement, and said that the royal family feels "the tone of the email was disrespectful to the monarch." She mentioned that it is "very unusual to hear anyone answer back to the queen" in such a way, so Harry and Meghan's reply took them aback!

Harry and Meghan's former patronages include the Queen's Commonwealth Trust, as well as the National Theatre for Meghan and the Rugby Football League for Harry. After it was announced they would no longer be working representatives of the royal family, many of these organizations reached out to show their support to the couple.