Prince Harry recently made an appearance at an event to acknowledge the work of some incredible scientists! As Entertainment Tonight shares, the royal showed up on-screen at the GQ Men of the Year Awards held on Wednesday night, where he gave out a significant award.

Prince Harry addresses problem of vaccine inequity

Harry said he was "deeply honored" to recognize Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert, Dr. Catherine Green, and all others involved in developing the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine with the Heroes of the Year Award. The royal called their development "one of our greatest tools for achieving vaccine equity," mentioning how the team has attempted to provide India with aid in the midst of the pandemic.

While acknowledging that over a third of the world has been vaccinated, Harry also addressed the issue of third-world countries struggling. "Less than two percent of people in the developing world have received a single dose at this point, and many of their healthcare workers are still not even vaccinated," he explained. "We cannot move forward together unless we address this imbalance as one." 

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Harry then brought the attention back to the night's honourees, calling the scientists "heroes of the highest order" for having created the vaccine. "These are two exceptional people -- with a remarkable team -- who are a bulwark of humanity," he finished his speech. Harry has been outspoken about the importance of vaccination during the COVID-19 crisis, even appearing at the Vax Live benefit concert back in May.