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Prince Harry Wanted Archie To Be Friends With The Cambridge Kids

Prince Harry Wanted Archie To Be Friends With The Cambridge Kids

Before stepping away from the Royal Family, Prince Harry always hoped to be close with his brother Prince William and his kids. According to one book, the Duke of Sussex even wished that his son Archie could grow up with little George, Charlotte, and Louis, the children of William and Kate.

These days, it's hard to imagine Prince Harry planning a life close to his family. However, in earlier days, the Duke of Sussex dreamt of raising his family next to that of his brother Prince William.

According to the controversial book Finding Freedom, Harry even hoped that his little boy Archie could be a great friend of his cousins Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Prince Harry wanted William's kids to be Archie's friends

According to the authors of Finding Freedom, before he had even met Meghan, Harry had "an image of getting married and spending time with William and Kate, the two couples together, their children best friends."

However, the book continues: "Everywhere you turn, you're surrounded by staff and family. (Harry) was at a point in his life where he was working with his brother, doing the foundation with his brother and living by his brother. It was too much."

Harry held onto this idea even after the birth of his son Archie. Unfortunately, he was apparently disappointed to learn that William and Kate didn't share his vision of two close-knit families.

Harry, William, Kate and Meghan's complex relationship

Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand's book also claims the Cambridges did little to build a relationship between Archie and George, Charlotte, and Louis. In fact, the royal insiders say Prince William's kids only met little Archie a few times.

Prince Harry hoped his kids could grow up with Prince William's.

With Prince Harry's break from the Royal Family and new life in the US, his wishes for young Archie to grow up alongside his cousins seem to have evaporated.

Harry and Meghan also now have a daughter, Lilibet, who was born in America and has never visited the UK. Will the little royals ever meet again?