Prince Harry saw the Jan. 6 attacks coming on Twitter, and he even tried to warn the service's CEO about it the day before the attack.

The Duke revealed the surprising claim in a new summit talk. He said he had been emailing CEO Jack Dorsey and on Jan. 5 "warned him his platform was allowing a coup to be staged."

Prince Harry correctly warned Twitter about Jan. 6 attacks

However, Prince Harry says he was met with silence from Dorsey and has never heard back from him since correctly observing that a mob of Trump supporters was planning an insurrection openly on Twitter.

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Twitter's role in the deadly incident is being examined in ongoing investigations of the insurrection attempt at the US Capitol Building.

Prince Harry's comments, meanwhile, came during a Nov. 9 panel in which he spoke about "hate, division and lies" on the Internet. Please watch the video above for Harry's full comments about Twitter and the Capitol riot.