Prince Philip's will is to remain sealed for the next 90 years after a ruling in High Court today, the BBC and UK press have reported.

This procedure is standard for senior members of the Royal Family, and the public won't learn how the late Duke's estate was handled in this lifetime. Upon his death, Prince Philip was reported to be worth an estimated £30 million ($42 million).

Prince Philip's will and fortune remain secret for 90 years 

The High Court ruling was announced today and, per the BBC, judge Sir Andrew McFarlane said the will has been sealed to "maintain the dignity of the (Queen) and close members of her family."

The judge concluded that "whilst there may be public curiosity as to the private arrangements that a member of the Royal Family may choose to make in their will, there is no true public interest in the public knowing this wholly private information."

Prince Philip unfortunately died at the age of 99 back on April 9. His cause of death was listed as "old age." Since then, there has been little news on his will, save for a report that he included three close staff members in the document.

What was Prince Philip's net worth, fortune?

When Prince Philip died, The Sun noted that his fortune was estimated at £30 million ($42 million) and much of it likely went to his late wife, Queen Elizabeth II.

A Daily Express piece also suggested his net worth could go as low as £10 million and as high as £60 million, accumulated mostly from a private collection of gifts.

Prince Philip's will, fortune to remain sealed for 90 years.

The Queen and Prince Philip's four children were also reportedly invited to take books from their late father's extensive library after he passed, according to Vanity Fair.

But the public won't learn of the specifics of the will for at least 90 years after the ruling, at which time a new process will determine if the document can be unsealed.

In the meantime, the Royal Family is set to honour Prince Philip in a BBC tribute film premiering next week on Sept. 22. You can click here to watch the preview.